Black Tea - CTC

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This classic crush tear curl black tea is a Shan Valley favorite! The brewed tea leaves have an earthy aroma combined with a finishing sharpness that is fruity in quality.  The taste is a blend of nuttiness, rich earthy notes, and a sweet finish of fruit. Perfect for anyone looking to transition from generic black bag tea to a more...

Kyaukme Black Tea - CTC


This is a first flush black tea from Kyaukme, Myanmar and is the highest quality black tea that Shan Valley offers.  The aroma is rich which can easily be caracterized as bold and earthy. The taste is an interesting blend of wooden and stone fruit flavors, with a brilliant cocoa finish that stays on the palate. Recommendation: 2.5 gram for 16...

Shan Black Tea - CTC


This first flush black tea is a local favorite in Shan Valley, Myanmar. It's a crush tear curl tea that is well balanced in flavor.  The aroma is sweet with a warm roasted nuts scent. The taste of this black tea is initially brisk, with notes of honey and roasted nuts. It's not particularly complex, but a solid black tea for any...