Shanvalley Tea

Our Green & Black Tea History

50 years ago My family first set up its' original best green tea distribution center in the remote town of Kyaukme, Burma. We sold this green tea in Mandalay and Yangon, two cities located in Myanmar (Burma).  The tea business grew to have multiple distribution centers throughout the country.  I am now the 3rd generation in my family’s tea business in Myanmar (Burma) and aim to introduce this best green tea to the U.S. market. 

Our goal is to promote this particular Northern Myanmar (Burma) green tea in the US where we believe many tea lovers will come to enjoy its fresh, natural and clean taste. Because all our teas are environmentally friendly, they are grown naturally without any chemicals and simply derive their flavor from the regions rich soil as well as the perfect weather for growing tea.  We welcome you to buy green tea online with us.