First Flush Green tea:  

Considered the most premium pick of the season, our first flush green tea is smooth and pleasant. 

The aroma of these fairly large leaves has a strong vegetal scent. However, there is a slight hint of citrus among a very intensely vegetal aroma.

Surprisingly the taste is quite subtle, yet it has a distinct flavor of citrus and fresh vegetation.

1 Tea bag can be used to brew 2 cups of tea!

20 tea bags = 40 servings

40 tea bags = 80 servings

First Flush Black Tea:

First flush black tea is a rich and robust tea. Its bold aroma, brisk flavor and fresh notes make it the perfect cup of tea in the morning. 

The brewed tea leaves have an earthy aroma combined with a finishing sharpness that is fruity in quality. 

The taste is a blend of nuttiness, rich earthy notes, and a sweet finish of fruit.

Conveniently comes in pyramid silom tea bags that can be steeped multiple times for your drinking pleasure.

  • Ingredients: Organic Black tea and Organic Green tea
  • Country of Origin : Myanmar (Burma).
  • Tea Farmers: Shan and Palaung.
  • Tea Packaged in : USA.