First Flush Green Tea - Tea Bag = 40 servings


Considered the most premium pick of the season, our first flush green tea is smooth and pleasant.  The aroma of these fairly large leaves has a strong vegetal scent. However, there is a slight hint of citrus among a very intensely vegetal aroma. Surprisingly the taste is quite subtle, yet it has a distinct flavor of citrus and fresh vegetation. 1 Tea bag can be...

Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Black Tea - First Flush FBOP


Our Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe tea is rich and robust. Its bold aroma, brisk flavor, and fresh notes make it the perfect cup of tea in the morning. FREE SHIPPING

Green Tea Set - Tea Bag = 120 servings


The ultimate set for green tea lovers! Set Includes: 1 tin First Flush Green Tea 1 tin Valley Green Tea 1 tin Mountain Roasted Green Tea Conveniently comes in pyramid silom tea bags that can be steeped multiple times for your drinking pleasure. Tins come packaged with 20 sachets of Shan Valley Tea each. 1 Tea bag can be used...

Green Teas Sampler Set


 Are you new to Shan Valley and not sure what tea to try? Well that's not a problem because we conveniently selected our finest green teas so that you can enjoy all the rich flavors that shan valley has to offer. Sampler set includes:  1 oz Kokang Green Tea 1 oz First Flush Green Tea 1 oz Pyin Green Tea 1...

Kokang Green Tea


This first flush green tea is from the Kokang region of Myanmar, close to the Yunan region in china.  The aroma is a very vegetal with a slightly smoky scent.  The taste is fairly light and delicate, with notes of spices and a hint of smoke Recommendation: 2.5 gram for 16 oz water. Temperature is to your taste. 3-5 minutes infusing time. ...

Mountain Roasted Green Tea


Mountain Roasted tea is our premium tea harvested year round and roasted to perfection. It has a nice roasted taste, blended in with the more subtle fresh flavor of the tea. Bolder than most green teas, the aroma of this mountain roast is both nutty and vegetal, with a hint of smokiness. The taste has a mild blend of honey,...