Green, Black, White, Oolong - What is the difference?

Long before the true benefits of its brew were known, the tea leaf’s undoubtable ability to improve health has been universally known for thousands of years. But, what are those benefits specifically, and how do teas differ in that respect?


Simply, any tea is good tea! All teas include flavanoids that prevent the production of free radicals. Free radicals contribute to the growth of cancerous cells and are linked to heart ailments. All tea includes caffeine and theanine, which increase acute mental capacity. And all teas are either great for shedding those extra pounds and/or maintaining a healthy weight.


Green tea is made using steamed tea leaves, and is known specifically to have a high concentration of EGCG, which has been known to prevent and stunt the growth of cancer. Antioxidants in this tea have also been found to have preventative qualities when it comes to multiple varieties of cancer, most notably breast cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. When it comes to weight loss, those who regularly consume green tea burn fat more rapidly. Lastly, researches have found this tea specifically reduces the progression of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dementia.


Black tea is brewed with fermented tea leaves. One of the most common black teas is Chai tea, along with many other popular iced teas on shelves today. Black tea has been known to combat halitosis effectively, as it helps reduce the buildup of plaque on teeth. An accumulation of plaque can cause bad breath, along with a host of dental problems. Black tea is also known to be useful in weight loss regimens.


White tea is made with uncured and unfermented leaves. Thus, White tea is the least processed tea, and is therefore includes an abundant of antioxidants unmatched by any other variety of tea. This tea contains ECGC (found in green tea as well) and has also been proven to prevent wrinkles. Along with it’s many other benefits, it also combats cancerous cells, and can be brewed to create as strong taste or as subtle a taste as the drinker wishes to have.


Oolong tea leaves undergo a unique process of dehydration, fermentation, and oxidation before they are ready for brewing. This tea is known to boost metabolism, and aid in weight loss with polyphenols that help destroy enzymes that would otherwise create fat (An important sidenote, however, is to avoid the over usage of sugar: it will negate the many health benefits!).


In summary, every cup of tea brings something new to the table. Depending on your preferences and habits, you may find yourself sticking with one tea primarily, or sampling them all as time goes on. We recommend variety, quality, and regularity when it comes to tea drinking, and at ShanValley, we have every tea you need to create a balance of health benefits and premium flavor and quality.


So, from all of us at ShanValley, happy brewing!


- Chris

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