Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Tea

It sounds simple enough, does it not? But making a truly great cup of tea takes delicacy and attention to minute details. In this article, we will explore the science of tea-making and how to make your personal best cup of tea.


For the best results, your water should be on the cusp of boiling when you pour it into your teapot, as to preserve the body and natural sweetness of the tea. If you’d like to be precise, white teas are at their prime when the water is heated to about 70°c, while green and black teas should be heated more, to 85°c, for best results. We recommend using filtered water on an electric kettle or your stovetop. While you wait, run some hot water over the teapot you plan to use; it will help your tea retain heat and flavor later on.


When it comes to adding the tea, a teaspoon for each cup of tea you wish to make plus one for the pot works best. Scientifically speaking, it’s been found that letting your brew sit for about six minutes after adding milk, until it lowers to 60°C, is optimum flavor-wise (But if it feels too hot to drink right away, wait a little longer, that’s okay too!). At this point, you’re tea is as aromatic and robust as it will become, so take a seat and enjoy your cup.


Old-school brewers maintain that tea should be enjoyed “straight”, or without sugar. Many, though, enjoy their tea sweetened nowadays, so we recommend honey as an alternative to sugar. Green teas taste especially great with a bit of honey.


Without a doubt, our final and most important tip for making the perfect cup of tea is quality ingredients and frequent brewing! Whether you get your tea from our online store here at Shan Valley or somewhere else (We recommend Shan Valley of course!).  Whether you’re a veteran brewer or a novice interested in the wide array of health benefits attributed to regular tea drinking, it’s never too late to improve your techniques. It may take many pots to achieve your greatest cup, but your results are always bound to get better. Enjoy, and happy brewing!

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