Improve Overall Good Health With Green Tea

Green tea has been used within traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) as a way to promote healing within the body. Applications such as healing wounds by controlling bleeding, helping to improve heart and digestive functions and to promote good mental health are all a part of these ancient medicinal uses.


Today, modern researchers conducting various studies on the positive health effects of green tea have seen some connection between the regular consumption of green tea on health by assisting in weight loss and keeping more serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and some types of liver disorders at bay.


Over time and today, green tea has been considered to be one of the beneficial beverages to overall health in the world. One reason for this could be because green tea contains within it especially high levels of antioxidants. All teas contain antioxidants, but green tea has within it more than any other type of tea on the market. The health-giving antioxidants are known as polyphenols. These polyphenols are what give green tea its healthful benefits.


Green Tea and Dental Health


One of the more unexpected effects of consuming green tea is the benefits that it provides to overall dental health. While good oral hygiene is always necessary, studies have shown that green tea catechin can help prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth, help tighten and support the gums around teeth that hold them in place. A number of harmful bacteria in the mouth when left unchecked can cause halitosis or bad breath as well as causing plaque and other dental health issues that can have a negative effect on your smile.


Green Tea and Potential Cancer-Fighting Effects

Those countries in the world where the consumption of green tea is the highest tend to see lower rates of cancer. Of course, it isn’t really possible to know if the consumption of green tea is what is preventing cancer in these populations, mostly across parts of Asia, but it is believed that consuming green tea along with other healthful lifestyle factors may have some effect on this.

In a recent study by the National Cancer Institute, researchers found that the polyphenols that are contained within green tea have shown significant effect in the decrease in the growth of some types of cancers in laboratory animals. Some researchers believe that similar benefits can affect humans as well. One study at the Institute showed that promise that green tea extract was shown to shield the body against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

While 2005 the FDA said that the benefits of green tea could not be proven, studies hinted there may be a connection. One study on the positive effects of the consumption of green tea indicated that those who drank between two and ten cups per day were far less likely to develop certain forms of cancer such as cancer of the pancreas. Similar studies indicate that cancers of the bladder, breast, ovaries, stomach, and prostate were less in those patients who reported regularly consuming green tea. Most likely this can be linked directly to the higher levels of polyphenols contained within green tea that stop cancerous and pre-cancerous cells from growing.

Feeling Refreshed with Green Tea

All teas contain caffeine even in trace amounts. Over time, researchers realize that a little caffeine can be extremely beneficial to the body with the exception being those people who are very sensitive to it. The caffeine levels found in green tea have been shown to stimulate almost every organ within the human body. This is especially true within the heart, liver and central nervous system. The stimulating effects of the caffeine found within green tea are particularly noticeable when the subject is tired or even sleepy. After consuming a cup of green tea, the mind becomes less cloudy and seems to sharpen the mind. Perhaps this is why so many people consume tea or coffee in the morning after a night of sleep or when burning the midnight oil. Studies have shown that the practice around the world of consuming tea in the afternoon does seem to help offer a bit of a recharge for the body to help it get through the remainder of the day.

**We are not doctors. Any information in this blog post is purely for entertainment purposes, and does not constitute medical advice under any circumstances.  

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