Pyin Green Tea Review

Another one of our new first flush teas for 2014 is Pyin Green Tea. This tea comes from Pyin, a resort town in the Shan state that also very well known for silkworm cultivation. It is known as the city of flowers, especially for chrysanthemums, asters, and gladiolus. Coffee is also a growing export of this region.

But enough about history. Let’s turn to the tea. This is another full-leaf tea suitable for multiple steepings. An interesting thing about this tea is that it smells oxidized a little more than a standard green tea. It has a very savory flavor, almost like tea leaf jerky!

The color of the finished tea is also darker than most green teas. It is a dark straw or almost apple juice color. The smell of the warm tea retains some of the savory scent of the dried leaf, but with a lighter bounce to it. It has a bit of a buttery mouthfeel. More body than the Shan First Flush Green Tea, but nothing like the Kokang Green Tea. The first impression that I get is a light sweet marshmallow combined with that savoriness, followed immediately by a bitterness similar to a light black tea. If I was going to serve green tea to my friends who prefer coffee, this would be an excellent choice. As I enjoyed the cup, the savoriness increased.

I don’t know if I would add sugar to this given the sweetness on first state, but some milk might cut the bitter on the backend if you don’t like that flavor. Alternatively, you could try our Shan First Flush Green Tea, which is the lightest of the green teas we currently offer.

Some might consider this tea to be on the edge between green tea and oolong tea. Try it for yourself and see what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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