Kokang Regional Tea

One of the teas that we brought back is our Kokang Green Tea. This is considered to be the best green tea in all of Myanmar, and can be quite difficult to get. We’re excited to be able to offer this rare tea to our customers. But what makes this tea so special? For that, we need to learn about the Kokang region of Myanmar.

Kokang Region

Kokang is a small special region in the northeast corner of the Shan State of Myanmar on the border with China bordered by the Salween River. The region is populated by the Kokang people, who are descended from Han Chinese who fled there in the 17th century.

Kokang has been an intersection of the tea trade between the Chinese, Burmese, and parts of Thailand for centuries. The people of Kokang have been able to distill the knowledge gained from traders to develop their world-class teas. However, due to the remoteness of the region and the problems with the opium trade, these teas have had difficulty being sold in the West.

Historical events lead this region to become a strong producer of opium poppy through most of the 20th century. In the early 2000s, Myanmar lead a wide crackdown on the growing of opium poppies in their country, causing many problems in the region. Now many of the former opium farmers have turned back to tea. By supporting Shan Valley’s efforts to bring Myanmar-based teas to the US, you get to help keep the price of tea profitable for these farmers and stop the cultivation of opium poppies in Myanmar. How’s that for a fair trade?

Consider trying our Kokang Green Tea today for an exceptional tea experience. Tea connoisseurs describe Kokang teas to have a fruity or flowery mouthfeel with only slight bitterness. Be sure to follow the brewing instructions carefully so you can fully enjoy this tea at its peak.

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