Just Where Is Shan Valley?

Some of the best tea in the world grows in Myanmar. All of Shan Valley Tea is sourced from local tea growers from this Southeast Asian country. But just where is Shan Valley, and what makes it so special? This week, we’ll look into this green tea capitol and discover where our splendid teas come from.

There is no single “Shan Valley”, but there is the Shan State, a region in the northeast part of Myanmar. For scale, the whole of Myanmar is roughly the size of the state of Texas and the Shan state covers about a quarter of the whole country. The Shan State is a very mountainous region, containing foothills that eventually culminate in the Himalayan range in China, Nepal, and India.

The northern part of this region has been known for tea cultivation for centuries. The founders of Shan Valley Tea started selling their teas in a small town called Kyaukme. This town is primarily known today for its bamboo paper creation, which is sold in Chinese markets. It is still a small town, but very active economically.

In this region of the world, many families grow their own tea bushes. Due to various reasons, Myanmar hasn’t encouraged tea production on the state level. This means that we can get very unique teas as each family will have their own methods for growing and preparing their teas. At Shan Valley we have made trade connections in Myanmar to provide high-quality teas for our customers. We are very choosy about the types of teas we select so that we can bring you the best in Myanmar tea.


Try one of our green or black teas today and bring in a small part of this vibrant country into your home. If you have traveled to Myanmar, share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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