Shan Valley’s Myanmar Organic Red Turmeric Root - Cut & Sift has a rich, earthy flavor that will leave your palate satisfied. It’s subtly sweet aroma with warm, nutty and ginger-like undertones makes for the perfect feel good brew. As if being delicious wasn’t enough, turmeric root has been used for centuries to relieve muscle & joint pain and is loaded with antioxidants to prevent aging.

Organically grown on the rolling and remote hills of Southern Shan State, Myanmar.

Did you Know?                                                                                                             
Red Turmeric gets it color by being grown in soils rich in iron

  • Ingredient: Organic Red Turmeric Root - Cut & Sift
  • Botanical Name: Curcuma longa (Curcumin 4%)
  • Farmers: Shan Minority & Farmers 
  • Grown in Myanmar (Burma)
  • Packaged in USA
  • Certified Organic

Red Turmeric Tea Preparation:
1/2 Teaspoon of Red Turmeric - Cut & Sift
1 Teaspoon of Tea
10 Oz Cup boiling water

Stir and Enjoy!

1 Tea bag can be used to brew 2 cups of tea!
20 tea bags = 40 servings